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Ecorad is the Specialist in restauration service for water and steam radiators.

Our water blasting method preserves the natural patina of cast iron.

Layers of paint reduced radiators efficiency up to 10%.

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Video Promo Old cast iron radiators are often seen as an out of date heating system, but now these fabulous pieces of craftsmanship can be reconsidered as traditional or contemporary decors for our homes while providing the most comfortable heat source available, radiant heat.

Thanks to the innovative and environmentally friendly processes developed by
EcoRad, the elegance and beauty of cast iron radiators can now be restored and combined with the distinct energy-saving advantage of radiant based heating.

  • RapportProgrammable individual thermostats
  • Heat absorbing capacity
  • More energy efficient than traditional hot-water or steam heating systems
  • Fire proof
  • Healthier and more comfortable heat than forced air or convection heating systems
  • Our systems are environmentally responsible and use materials that are 99% recycled

Installation; as simple as an electric baseboard heater.
A specially manufactured internally installed electric element replaces the extensive water piping system needed for a central furnace. Having each radiator connected to a programmable thermostat
allows heating preferences by room as opposed to one central setting.

Recycling old cast iron radiators avoids the practice of melting them down and releasing 44kg of greenhouse gases for each 100kg of melted cast iron. Household radiators weigh on average, 100 to 200kg.

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