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The wasteful practice of scraping old radiators inspired the creation of Ecorad. The radiators on this website, illustrate the quality of the design and workmanship that went into their creation and we should not allow them to be discarded and forgotten. This is where sustainable development starts.

First transformation from 1978

The impressive thermal qualities of the traditional cast iron radiator have been known for years, and we have now developed a simple way to integrate this piece of our architectural heritage into modern buildings.


  • 10th Anniversary

    10th Anniversary

    Thank you to all our customers who have believed in us from the very beginning. What is more significant than the opening of the American subsidiary, in Rocky hill, CT for our 10th anniversary. Thank [...]

  • Ecorad USA settles in Rocky Hill, Ct

    Ecorad USA settles in Rocky Hill, Ct

    Ecorad USA bought A1 plumbing Somerville, Ma

  • RénoVert Tax Credit

    RénoVert Tax Credit

    RénoVert Tax Credit, Revenu Québec More info (Québec only) »


Innovation ADRIQ-CRIQ 2014

Gala 2014 – Prix Manufacturier – Ecorad from ADRIQ-RCTi on Vimeo.

photo_mercuriadesMercuriades 2014
Sustainable development


photo_prixdesjardins_ecoradEntrepreneurship Desjardins 2013
Innovation and productivity



Sustainable development, SIDIM 2009
– Harmony –
New product

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An innovative and environmentally friendly processes

Developed by Ecorad, the elegance and beauty of cast iron radiators can now be restored and combined with the distinct energy-saving advantage of radiant based heating.
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• The many layers of paint and the accumulation of inner scale can reduce the efficiency of the radiator by up to 15%.
• Our process of water pressure stripping is not abrasive and preserves the natural patina of iron.
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