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Thousands of radiators throughout Canada and USA such as:

  • Hotel Soho House, Chicago

  • Union train station, Toronto

  • Mauricie National Park’s Cabins, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc

  • Stanford University, California

  • Many Churches, appartement buildings, houses, offices…

It’s more than a heater, it’s a work of art.
This is how we present them, instead of hanging painting to the wall, we placed them under the windows.
S. Gagnon, Québec
We are very pleased with the work done on the conversion of all our radiators … our clients also really like the idea and the beauty of the work. It gives more authenticity to the B&B which is a centenary rectory, we highly appreciate, once again Congratulations!
M. Fournier et J.G. Boudreau, B&B la villa du vieux clocher, Padoue
We have equipped all our home heaters Refurbished by ECORAD. It is unusual to see the transformation of the raw product from the scrap yard in the region, to those little beads that warm our home. It gives us great pleasure to do business with these artisans that update ecological and patrimonial mission with as much heart.
Mr. Ward, Sherbrooke
Church St-Francois-De-Salles, Neuville, Qc

Refurbishing and electrification of radiators

Rectory de Loretteville, Qc

Refurbishing and electrification of radiators

Church Sainte-Angele-De-Merici, Qc

Refurbishing and electrification of radiators

In our estimate, Ecorad provided an average savings potential of 31%. The information provided by our monitoring system to date shows a significant energy saving of 39% compared with the previous year’s consumption.  » Article in french Magazine Électricité Québec, April 2011 (LINK – PDF)

Historical Railway Station, MRC of Argenteuil, Lachute, Qc

Refurbishing and electrification of radiators

B&B Villa du vieux clocher, Padoue, Qc


Museum Laurier, Victoriaville, Qc

Refurbishing of radiators